:: MvPCinfo - network inventory utility

MvPCinfo is a PC diagnostics and network inventory utility. This is a small program that collects information about computer's hardware and software. The Main features of MvPCinfo are:

* Operates under all Windows operating systems from Windows v.3.1 onward;
* All-in-one concept: only one file (mvPCinfo.exe ~800 Kb) is required;
* doesn't require installation on the workstations and can be run from a floppy, or network drive or from domain login script;
* can work hidden;
* Affordable prices: any license allows using MvPCinfo on unlimited number of machines;
* 2-year free upgrade period;
* detects the station components: processor, BIOS, memory, motherboard, CD-ROM, disks, video, sound, network cards, IP, MAC...;
* detects computer details: model, manufacturer, service and asset tags;
* detects the peripherals: modems, keyboards, monitor, mouse, printers...;
* collects data on installed software, running processes and NT services;
* lets you Edit collected data, Append and Fill in Custom Fields;
* provides you with flexible control with command line parameters and Configuration File (A Configuration File Builder utility is included);
* Report printing and data saving in TXT, CSV, XLS, HTM and XML file formats is provided;
* enables the creation of customized reports with templates;
* provides Automatic network inventory in easy-to-use manner;
* LAN and Port scanners, S.M.A.R.T reader and File Recovery tool are enclosed.

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MvPCinfo is Windows 8 compatible

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MvPCinfo awarded 5 Stars at the DownloadPipe Software Library

MvPCinfo is Windows 8 compatible