:: MvPCbase - network inventory database

MvPCbase enables you to create and support enterprise computers database. MvPCbase allows you to:
* create and support locations (subdivisions) structure;
* import data from files created with MvPCinfo utility;
* export data from database to TXT, CSV, HTM or XML files;
* remove computers from one location to another;
* remove components and peripherals between the computers;
* renew database automatically;
* navigate the trees of all used components, peripherals and software;
* view components, peripherals and software statistics charts;
* print a set of documentation;
* provides a complete solution for automatic easy-to-use network inventory

Key features of Client-Server edition are:
* unlimited number of users can work with database concurrently;
* MvPCbase Server creates backup copies, checks integrity and repair database automatically;
* database can be achieved from everywhere (MvPCbase Client connects to MvPCbase Server via TCP/IP);
* MvPCbase Server application can run on any Win 9x/Me/NT/2K/XP/2003/Vista/7/8 machine;
* it doesn't require any other software or engine to be installed....